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Building Act 2004 - New Zealand Legislation28 Nov 2013 ... the distance between the wall and any legal boundary or existing building is at least the height of the wall. (2). in subclause (1), rural zone means any zone or area (other than a rural residential area) that, in the district plan of the territorial authority in whose district the building work is to be undertaken, is described as a rural zone, rural resource area, or rural environment, or by words of similar meaning.【Get Price】

Defining importance levels for the design of retaining walls New ...24 Nov 2017 ... However, they are not typically used for retaining wall design except for in some limited load cases such as to determine seismic earth pressures. Whilst the design of retaining walls is subject to the requirements of the Act and Regulations, the importance levels definitions are intended for buildings and are not easily interpreted for retaining wall design. This paper provides a review of local and international practice in defining differing levels of importance to retaining ...【Get Price】

Worked Example 3 | Design of concrete crib retaining walls to resist ...They have been proven over many decades of use in new zealand. There was quite a wide variation in ... pavements above the wall. Angular, crushed rock filling should always be used and separated from finer grained soils by good quality filter fabric. The following worked example is for a typical concrete crib retaining wall supporting a cut slope face on the up-slope side of a ... Concrete crib wall example. The analysis definition for a double-tier type crib wall is shown in Figure X.2.【Get Price】

N ZS 4229:2013 - Standards New ZealandThe committee consisted of representatives of the following nominating organisations: BRANZ. Cement and Concrete Association of new zealand. Design Association of new zealand. institution of Professio【Get Price】

Compliance Document for New Zealand Building Code Clause F4 ...24 Sep 2007 ... new zealand Building Code. Clause F4 Safety from Falling. Provisions. OBJECTIVE. F4.1 The objective of this provision is to safeguard people from injury caused by falling. FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT. F4.2 Buildings shall be ..... barrier (and the type of barrier) on a particular retaining wall can be judged in terms of the likelihood of people being present at the top of that wall (see Determination. No. 99/012 on 1.2.6 Construction site barriers shall ...【Get Price】

low retaining walls - NZ WoodWHAT YOU CAN BUILD USinG THIS GUIDE. This guide shows you how to build a timber retaining wall up to 1.2 m high consisting of posts embedded in the ground and horizontal rails. it includes drainage behind the wall to prevent the build-up of water which could overload it. Suitable soil types for this type of wall are granular such as firm gravel, stiff clay and sand or rock or a mixture of these. The wall detailed is not suitable for: walls higher than 1.2 m. where the wall supports ...【Get Price】

Historic concrete structures in New Zealand - DoCHistoric concrete structures in new zealand. Overview, maintenance and management. Peter Reed, Kate Schoonees and Jeremy Salmond. Published by. Science & Technical Publishing. Department of Conservation. PO Box 10420, The Terrace. Wellington 6143, new zealand .... a significant proportion of. 1. See Glossary for definitions of technical terms (shown in italics). ..... Caughley) has 600-mm-thick concrete retaining walls and a roof structure poured over railway irons (Figs 8 ...【Get Price】

Retaining walls, bridges and culverts | EQC Earthquake Commission29 Nov 2017 ... What structures are insured by EQC? EQC provides cover for: bridges and culverts that are situated within eight metres of the house, or on land within 60 metres of the house that is part of or supports the main access way; and. retaining walls and their support systems that are necessary for the support or protection of the house or insured land (including the main access way) if they are within 60 metres of the house. retaining walls that serve a landscaping function, ...【Get Price】

Pole Structures New Zealand - Bowling Infrastructure GroupPole Structures retaining Wall Pole Structures have significant construction experience working on retaining projects constructed out of a combination of timber, steel, concrete, gabion baskets or proprietary mass blocks such as Keystone or Allan Block. The type of wall will depend on a combination of the ground conditions and the load retained by the wall along with the desired aesthetic outcome. Pole structures have developed strong relationships with commercial clients working ...【Get Price】

AC2231 Retaining walls - Auckland Councilat least the height of the wall. (2) in subclause (1), rural zone means any zone or area (other than a rural residential area) that, in the District Plan of the Territorial Authority (the Council) in whose district the building work is to be undertaken, is described as a rural zone, rural resource area, or rural environment, or by words of similar meaning. Although a building consent may not be required, all building work must comply with the requirements of The new zealand Building Code.【Get Price】

How to: build a retaining wall | Feb 2015 ... Building a retaining wall isn't a job to tackle lightly - here's some essential tips and advice.【Get Price】

Compliance of a retaining wall between two properties10 Feb 2015 ... w: Tel: +64 4 901-1499. PO Box 1473, Wellington 6140, new zealand. Determination 2015/003. Compliance of a retaining wall between two properties at 34A and 36B Ballin Street, Ellerslie,. Auckland. 1. The matter to be determined ... available at or by contacting the Ministry on 0800 242 243. 2 in this determination, ... wall on 36B. The site plan provided did not clearly define the level difference across the boundaries, but noted.【Get Price】

RETAINING WALLSconstruction of a retaining wall does not require a building consent when it is less than 1.5 m high and 'does not support any surcharge or any load additional to the load of that ground. (for example, the load of the vehicles on a road)'. retaining walls that are over 1.5 m high and those supporting a surcharge require a building consent (see Figure 1). Regardless of whether a building consent is required, retaining walls must comply with the requirements of the new zealand Building.【Get Price】

Land structures retaining walls, bridges and culvertsFor a full list of what is covered and not covered under a land damage claim, see the definition of residential land and Schedule 2 in the Earthquake Commission Act1993 at What is the maximum level of cover provided for land structures? Land damage claims will mainly be settled by EQC with a cash settlement to the homeowner or mortgagee. For claims involving damage to retaining walls, bridges and culverts, the settlement will be calculated on the basis of.【Get Price】

Fences & Retaining Walls - Waikato Building Consent Group1 Nov 2017 ... While an existing fence gives an indication of where a boundary is, it is not always a true alignment of the actual boundary. To confirm the location of the boundaries refer to the property's Certificate of Title (COT) and the DPS, as they contain information about the location and dimensions of boundaries. Both of these documents can be ordered from Land information new zealand (LinZ). If you are unable to find the boundary pegs from references on these documents, ...【Get Price】

Build a retaining wall - Wellington City CouncilPerhaps you want to do work on new or existing kerb crossings or driveways on road land? If so, you will need vehicle access approval. When applying for this approval, you will need to provide a range of information including gradients, camber, widths and surfacing. Vehicle Access Application Form (80KB PDF). For more information or help with the application: talk to one of our vehicle access engineers - phone (04) 499 4444 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday; engage a ...【Get Price】