From the Department of Limb Complication and Foot Care


Most of the times we hear or read about cholera, malaria, Hepatitis, T.B. outbreaks or epidemics which effect and even kill thousands of people all over the world. In this regard we quite often forgot or underestimate a disease called Diabetes mellitus (DM) along with its varied complications, which is rapidly, but silently becoming number one enemy of modern society. There are about 30 million Diabetic Patients in India and by 2030 this number will increase to 80 million. Soon India will be on top so far as the diabetic population is concerned all over the world. Diabetes is a multi-system generated disease, which may affect any system of the human body, e.g-Heart, Brain, Kidney, blood Vessels, Neuromuscular systems, etc.

One of the major complications of DM is the problem of Diabetic Foot (DF) infection. Foot usually remains neglected all throughout our life despite the fact that it is a mechanical marvel which God has provided to us, which travels about 1,50,000 km in our life time which is about 4 times the earth’s circumference. Without assistance of the feet we could not have been progressed to this modern era of civilization. One realizes the importance of foot only when one is deprived of his/her foot for any reason, truly said-“FOOT MISSED ONLY WHEN IT IS LOST”, One of the commonest cause of losing foot today is diabetes induced foot complications.

To understand the importance of diabetic Foot problem let us expose ourselves to the following facts-

  • Diabetic patient by the year 2030 in India-79.4 million.
  • One in every six people having Diabetes will experience foot ulcer in their lifetime. Each year 4 million people worldwide get foot ulcers.
  • Lower limb amputation rate is 15-16 times higher in Diabetics.
  • Foot ulcer precedes 85% non-traumatic amputation among diabetics.
  • About 70% of all leg amputations happen to people with diabetes.
  • On one average in every 30 seconds one diabetic foot amputation is undertaken in the world.
  • Cost for healing : USS 5000-10000 (US) & US 200-1000 (INDIA)
  • Cost for amputation ; USS1000-40000 (US) & USS 1000-2000 (INDIA)
  • In developing Countries, it is estimated that foot problems may account for as much 40% of available health care resources.
  • With Good care up to 85% of amputation could be avoided.


In a nutshell DF is like a Modern Ravana destroying limbs and killing thousands of people while its accompanying complications represent the remaining faces of ravana, which are equally devastating.

Different types of Diabetes are

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes