About Sun Valley Hospital

About Sun Valley Hospital

Diabetes is a chronic lifelong disease. It is not curable, but can be preventable. Treatment and follow up action could offer a diabetic to lead a life as normal as non diabetic.

As there was acute shortage of a fully fledged Diabetic care Unit especially comprehensive type of Diabetic management centre in the whole North Eastern Region. Sun Valley Diabetic Care and Research was opened on 6 the July 2003.And then after getting an overwhelming support following a phase of sincere and dedicated quality service to our valued patients, we are encouraged to come up as a fully fledged Diabetes Hospital, the first Diabetic Hospital in the entire North eastern region. Now Sun Valley Hospital is pioneer in complete and Comprehensive diabetic care, comprising indoor and outdoor services, complication management including creating an atmosphere of awareness by changing the life style of the present generation. A fully equipped set up with adequate infrastructure and a service from dedicated professional team, Sun Valley Hospital assures the large numbers of suffering people of their sincere help in the days to come.

Sun Valley hospital- a unit of sun vally diabetic care & Research Centre has been started in December 2008 with 10 bedded indoor Provision and at present we are having 50 bed indoor provisions.

The new provisions are

  • Minor O.T and Major O.T
  • Diabetes foot care Clinic
  • Ultra - Sonography
  • Echo- Cardiography
  • Orthopedic Care-with Physiotherapy

This was the only Diabetic Centre dealing with Comprehensive diabetes management under a single roof.

Why I need hospitalization

a. If you are suffering from septic (moderate to severe) foot sepsis.
b. If your Diabetes is uncontrolled & you are having foot infection
c. If you need close monitoring for an ongoing sepsis of the foot.
d. If your residence is far from centre & an early review is essential for your foot infection.
e. If there is lack of care provider at your home.
f. If you are willing to know the basic facts about the causation & future management of the diabetic foot.

How much expenses to bear for hospitalized treatment?

a. Cabin- bed charge
b. Attending consultant fees

How long to stay at hospital?

You need hospitalization till your disease is stabilized. Your blood sugar is acceptance & your sepsis is under control. For sepsis control (source control) you may need repeated surgical intervention which by no means to be regarded as simple dressing. For complete wound healing or recovery you may not be required to remain in hospital. For subsequent review dressing or minor surgical work, you may visit hospital on OPD basis as per treatment programme.